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Austin Energy adds Honeywell to Power Partner Thermostat Program

August 9, 2017

Austin Energy has added Honeywell Inc., one of the nation’s leading Wi-Fi thermostat manufacturers, to its Power Partner Thermostat Program. Austin Energy customers who purchase and install a qualifying Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat (or any of the program’s other thermostat manufacturers) will receive a $25 rebate. Customers who have purchased and installed a qualifying Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat in the last 60 days are also eligible for the rebate. In addition, if they enroll their thermostat in Austin Energy’s Power Partner Thermostat Energy Cycling Program, customers will receive an $85 incentive.

thermostatWi-Fi thermostats allow customers to have much more control over the heating and cooling of their homes and businesses. Customers can adjust the thermostat remotely with smart devices or from a desktop computer, set the thermostat to send alerts when the home or business gets too cool or too warm and monitor the performance of the heating and cooling system. 

“We’re pleased to add the popular Honeywell brand to our suite of choices for our customers,” said Debbie Kimberly, Austin Energy Vice President of Customer Energy Solutions. “The Power Partner Thermostat Program also connects our customers with services that drive customer value. This is one of many programs and rebates we offer to help our customers save money and energy.”

About the Power Partner Thermostat Energy Cycling Program

Each summer, peak electricity demand rises during the hottest part of the day.  The Power Partner Thermostat Energy Cycling Program addresses the problem of rising peak demand with energy cycling events. Energy cycling events occur on the hottest days of the year. On these days, Austin Energy briefly adjusts the temperature settings of Wi-Fi thermostats enrolled in the program by 2-4 degrees only as needed during peak energy demand. Participation in energy cycling events can help increase a customer’s energy savings and reduce the costs associated with delivering power to all customers. 

These minor changes help prevent outages and reduce energy use without significantly impacting comfort. Austin Energy makes adjustments remotely using a software platform developed by EnergyHub for most of the program’s enrolled thermostats. Energy cycling occurs no more than 17 summer days between June and September (no weekends or holidays), typically during the hours of 4-6 p.m.

Visit for more information on residential and commercial rebates and the Power Partner Thermostat Program. 

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