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Multifamily Green Building Program

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) established the nation’s first multifamily green building rating program in 1999. We have the knowledge and experience to help you design and build high-quality, healthy, and energy, water, and resource efficient homes and buildings. If you design or build condominium, apartment, or mixed-use developments from two to seven stories tall, read on.

Our Multifamily Program is:

  • Targeted. It is among only a handful of green building programs designed specifically for multifamily and mixed-use development.
  • Broad. It allows you to build and rate mixed-use developments according to a single set of requirements and measures.
  • Innovative. We encourage and reward creative ideas and solutions.
Partners in Green Building

AEGB works as a partner in your green building project, and our team members are consultants invested in your success. Our experienced professionals participate in your design process, and review, rate, and market your developments. We are also available to guide you through your developments that require an AEGB Rating.

The AEGB Multifamily Rating

Our Multifamily Rating System is a longtime industry leader. It evolves along with codes, new technologies, and our understanding of sustainable building practices. It is also stable: from the time you start a project, you’ll work with a single set of rating requirements and measures, which will remain constant through completion. The Rating System’s design promotes collaboration in achieving your green building goals.

Our Multifamily Rating System:

  • Automatically totals rating points and tracks progress toward your rating goal.
  • Calculates in clear, quantifiable terms gallons of water saved, amount of materials diverted from landfill, and other key benefits.
  • Creates marketing-ready case studies for AEGB’s website for you to link to.
  • Adds project team participants to our public online Directory of Green Building Professionals.
AEGB Multifamily Guidebook

We tailored our Multifamily Guidebook (pdf) to reflect local climate and building conditions. It helps you through every phase of the green building process. Together, the Multifamily Guidebook and Multifamily Rating System ensure developments built in partnership with AEGB lead the nation in sustainability. You can easily apply lessons learned from achieving an AEGB Multifamily Rating to future developments.

The Multifamily Guidebook addresses key requirements and measures that together comprise the AEGB Multifamily Rating System. It explains our program and rating process, and we keep it up-to-date as we innovate. For each requirement and measure, the Multifamily Guidebook provides:

  • Intent. The purpose or reason for the measure, and its intended benefits to the builder, resident, and community.
  • Requirements. Measurable criteria to achieve the point(s).
  • Verification. A checklist of documentation or site inspections to show compliance.
  • Strategies. Advice to help meet the requirements.
  • Resources. Useful reference information.
Getting Started?
Austin Energy Green Building rates the sustainability of new and remodeled buildings for three markets: Single Family, Multifamily and Commercial.

Review the rating guides and scorecards to set goals for your project. We’re here to guide you through the process from planning phase to move in day.

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