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Commercial Green Building Program

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) created the nation’s first commercial green building program in 1995. Since then, our rating system has served as a model for other commercial green ratings nationwide.

Our program is:

  • Tailored. It reflects Central Texas’ unique climate, resources, and building conditions.
  • Visionary. AEGB-rated buildings are proving grounds for innovative technologies that drive building code development.
  • Participatory. As part of your project team, we guide you through the design and construction process.

In addition to being kinder to the environment, the buildings we rate are healthier and more comfortable to work in, more economical to operate, and easier to maintain. Other benefits include:

  • Typically higher sale prices or lease rates
  • Potentially higher occupancy rates and increased tenant retention
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced indoor and outdoor air pollutants
  • Lower utility bills
  • Potentially lower insurance rates

Partners in Green Building

Our team incorporates a range of experts, including: mechanical, electrical, civil, and architectural engineers, architects, and other code specialists. We are partners in your commercial developments and consultants invested in your success. Our experienced professionals guide you through the design and construction process, and review, rate, and market your project. We also:

  • Help incorporate sustainability goals into your project from day one.
  • Facilitate an integrated design process.
  • Share the latest methods for improving your building’s energy and water efficiency.
  • Identify available financial incentives for energy and water-efficient technologies.

In addition to partnering with you on commercial developments you choose to build green, we can help guide you through developments that require an AEGB Rating.

The AEGB Commercial Rating System

Our Commercial Rating System exceeds code standards and strengthens local building regulations. It drives new sustainable building practices and market demand. It guides development into preferred growth corridors, and addresses the following environmental issues in ways appropriate for Central Texas:

  • Urban heat island mitigation
  • Energy efficiency and emissions reduction
  • Stormwater management
  • Water conservation
  • Construction waste reduction
  • Integrated pest management

The AEGB Commercial Rating System is dynamic and stable at the same time: from the time you start a project, you’ll work with a single set of rating requirements and measures, which will remain constant through completion.

The AEGB Commercial Rating System:

  • Automatically totals points and tracks progress toward your rating goal.
  • Calculates in clear, quantifiable terms gallons of water saved, amount of materials diverted from landfills, and other key benefits.
  • Creates case studies on the AEGB website for you to link to.
  • Adds project team participants to our public online Directory of Green Building Professionals.

The AEGB Commercial Guidebook

Our Commercial Guidebook (pdf) is a reference guide to building a commercial building in partnership with AEGB. It explains the intent behind each requirement or measure along with resources for achieving rating points. We update the Commercial Guidebook regularly to reflect advances in the Commercial Rating System.

Together, the Commercial Guidebook and the Commercial Rating System help ensure developments built in partnership with AEGB lead the nation in sustainability. You can easily apply lessons learned from achieving an AEGB Commercial Rating to future developments.

Getting Started?
Austin Energy Green Building rates the sustainability of new and remodeled buildings for three markets: Single Family, Multifamily and Commercial.

Review the rating guides and scorecards to set goals for your project. We’re here to guide you through the process from planning phase to move in day.

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