AIA Homes Tour Features 5-Star Homes

The 30th annual AIA Austin Homes Tour on October 15th and 16th features two AEGB 5-star rated homes.

Sustainable features of a new home in Highland Park West focus on healthy air quality as well as solar orientation, solar power, rainwater harvesting, low water use fixtures, high performance HVAC and LED lighting.

A Tarrytown home incorporates an historic stone cottage renovation and a thoughtfully scaled addition between two gigantic heritage oak trees. Other green features include a conditioned crawl space and spray foam sealed attic housing the mechanical equipment, a ventilating dehumidifier, natural daylighting and an automated lighting/shade control system.

Visit the homes to learn more from the architects, designers and builders that collaborated on these projects - Tornbjerg Design, Laura Britt Design, Bonterra Build Design and Furman Keil Architects, RisherMartin Fine Homes.

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